Established in Singapore Since 2008 with the mind of meeting the industry’s need in area of Professional Audio Video and multimedia, we strike to bring the innovative technology closer to the market place in the most timely and cost-effective way.

As our government is determined to be the leading video /filming hub in our region, AVMB has benefitted from this mission to expand its operation in rapid pace. Aided by locating in the world most busiest port and best international airport , AVMB has been quick enough to riding on this “national ‘s assets ” to distribute the product regionally with the most efficient logistic arrangement.

At AVMB we offer more than solution, our activities does not limit us to only commercial expansion , we continue to quest for most advanced and related technology to enhance Customers requirements are met more than their expectation.

We realise the market is dynamic and ever-changing, thus partnership with us you ‘ll continue to hear from us the discovery of new way of meeting customer changing need with the continue new invention of technology. This is true as our team is keeping abreath with many technology partners all over the world.

The last but not the least, by leveraging on each other strength we help our partners and customers win more customers. And remember we are just a ” Click ” away.

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